Don’t Worry… (Fair Warning: Anti-Anti-Feminism Rant)

I’m not wearing panties so there’s nothing in a twist. Just some hardcore face palming that I’d like to address before I shut down the computer and walk away for the day because I’m exhausted by the ignorance that seems to have spread like wild fire and have better things to do than read more of it. And, yes, you read the warning right.

Feminism started off as a positive thing. I firmly believe that it’s a movement that has a ways to go here (women in the same positions as men are still paid less, etc.) and that it really needs to take place in other countries, too. I am not “against” it. I am, however, against being labeled one because of the misandrists that mistakenly call themselves “feminists.” They’re also the ones that scream the loudest and the women that most people think of when the word “feminist” is uttered. They’re the ones that are both screaming at the top of their lungs that they want the right to choose what they do with their life, but look out if another woman chooses to be a stay-at-home-mom/homemaker! That woman is a useless sheep that can’t think for themselves! You couldn’t possible WANT to cook and craft and be there for your kids! You should some how alter your choices to fit what they want! …which kinda really defeats the point, doesn’t it?

It isn’t unlike Christianity, to me, in that respect. It started off as a positive thing. I believe that it helps some people get through life. I am not “against” it. But I don’t want to be labeled one; (a) it doesn’t fit my personal beliefs and (b) the ones that scream the loudest not only disagree with the life choices of others, but also go out of their way to tell them that they’re going to hell. Not cool. Kinda sounds a little familiar though…hmm…

The difference that I’ve noticed in the last few weeks since the first topic started trending is that it’s okay to recoil a bit when someone says “I’m a Christian!” – it’s understood that you’ve more than likely been forcefully preached to and criticized for your personal choices in life, but if you do it when someone says, “I’m a feminist!” then you’re a terrible person that’s setting us all back fifty years and need to educate yourself. … Seriously? -.-


Presently, this article is being promoted on FaceBook and it came up under a shared link to a blog that, while aimed more at educating, still didn’t bother to look up some true stories of the horrible things that happen to women around the globe and instead “fictionalised” several…which hurts your credibility in such an argument and make it easier for people to say, “It isn’t that bad.” or that “Didn’t really happen.” It makes me want to cry; why would you write so passionately about something and then not bother to spend thirty minutes making sure that you have information that is indisputable?? WHY?! If I thought it would be taken constructively, I’d send the author this. Or any one of the bagillion videos on the internet that capture the women who lived the abuse telling their true stories. There are so many brave women with beautifully articulated stories that could have been shared there instead. *sigh* But I digress…

The article at hand… I think bullies everywhere should take note; it’s not longer bullying if you call it ‘satire’! It’s not shaming and crapping all over other women if you just say that it’s ‘satire’! It’s like saying, “I’m going to mock these women by make stupid faces and that’s okay; it’s satire. But if you flopped over, stuck your legs in the air, and said, “Hey, look! I’m Rebecca!” then that’s slut-shaming and it’s wrong.” What? No. It doesn’t work that way. And if you’re fighting for your opinion to be respected and heard, maybe you should consider respecting the opinion of someone else; even you don’t agree with it. Otherwise, guess what? You are the one setting us back 50 years and crapping all over your fellow woman. /rant


Aside from all that, if you don’t feel like you need feminism? Maybe reconsider your stance on that for the guys in your life. I feel like most of us have been in a situation where we witnessed something that didn’t feel right in regards to how men are treated and expected to act. Tony Porter articulates it better than I feel that I ever could…

Why fighting a problem can create a problem


Interesting concept…

Originally posted on Patrick McCurry:

2356337414_0aaa79313d_oMost of you will have seen that famous film scene, where a character is trapped up to the waist in quicksand but sinks even deeper the more he struggles. The best option in such circumstances is to relax because then your body, which is less dense than quicksand, will float.

In therapy, too, the more a client fights their “problem” the harder it can be to change.

Psychologist Steven Hayes has written powerfully about this process, in his paper Hello darkness: Discovering our values by confronting our fears. In what seems like a counterintuitive approach, Hayes points out that genuine change or healing only comes from moving towards our fears or what is troubling us.

It is about changing our relationship to what is troubling us. Instead of trying to eradicate uncomfortable thoughts or feelings we can learn to allow them to be present. By consciously choosing to allow them…

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The Last Thing I’ll Ever Say About My Biological Family

My adopted-later-in-life sister (henceforth known simply as my sister) posted this earlier today:

Most of the long-time readers here know well that my biological family failed to be a family. In fairness, I can’t point to just one person and say that they were the cause or the only person trying…and, at some point, they all did try. More so two+ decades ago than in more recent years, but they did try. They’ve also all failed…some in more epic, Jerry-Springer-esque ways than others; others who simply failed to stay in contact on a regular basis. I, personally, have done both; I let an abusive relationship impact some of my family members when I was much younger and, in the last decade, simply didn’t keep in touch very well; even if partly because the effort felt one-sided when I did attempt to do so at the start, but still…I let things drop altogether. 

Since we moved, I made an executive decision. I refuse to go through the “most of my biological family is a bunch of jerks” story and opt instead to simply say that I have none, save my sister. I’m not up for the, “But she’s your mom!” lies (which, thankfully, I’ve gotten less and less of over the years as more people like Jane seem to realize that, “Sticking together is the expectation and can be the opposite of what you need to be okay. To feel safe. To respect yourself. To stop eating and breathing guilt and shame and hurt and loneliness.” or the “What’s wrong with you if you’re related to all that noise?” looks (far more common). 

Instead of focusing on the herd of drama llamas, I’ve chosen to focus on what I’m grateful for. My amazing husband and my equally amazing in-laws that rode out a rough start with me; the biggest draw back to coming from a dysfunctional family and having had three long-term significant others with equally as dysfunctional families is that you wake up one day and you’re almost thirty and you’ve still never had the opportunity to learn how to have healthy relationships with parental figures. My sister and the fact that I found her; we weren’t born to the same parents, but that was clearly just an oversight in the vast universe. (And we were at least born to the same type of mother.) My daughter and the chance that I have to have a better relationship with her than I ever had with my bio mom. Hubby & I’s future children that same opportunity with them. And the chance to move away from all of it start fresh.

I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately; my sister suspects the depression that kicked in last year has gone chronic and maybe hard to boot out the door. However, knowing that I’ve been so lucky to have all of the above is a reality check that helps me see the light shining outside of that pit. The reality of it all is that I have had some mind-blowing lows in life, but I’m also luckier than most and nothing beats out the good people and things I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by. <3

I’m Skured.

I feel like I’ve been sitting home a lot lately and there’s a general feeling of…apathy? Maybe? Settling in over me. Most things are great in my life right now, but I don’t feel very engaged with the world or life in general. I could stand to get out more, but that presents it’s own set of challenges…

I need to be able to take Princess with me. Eventually, I need to find a sitter here, but for the short-term, funds are better used for other things. So it has to be kid-friendly. Taking Princess to the parks has been okay, but she’s a bit TOO social sometimes; running up to other families and introducing herself while they’re just trying to focus on their own family time and she becomes an interloper and I have to call her away and distract her from going back to pester them. Thus I also need it to be a social event, too.

There is a moms meet up thing near us with over 100 members. It looks interesting… Sort of. And then I remember that oh-so-many people have turned out to be batsh*t crazy in the past. I’ve lost track of the number of people who have tried to cause drama for the sake of drama and/or break up my & Hubby’s relationship just for the sake of breaking it up.

(Side note: Is it wrong if it irks me more that the people who put in attempts to break us didn’t really want him or I? They just didn’t want us to be together, for whatever warped reason…or for lack of a reason altogether. Like, at least if they had had a serious interest in one of us…it’s not something I would or could ever do to another person, but I could almost understand the motivation. But as things stand? WTF?!)

So now I approach social situations with gloves and tongs. I tip-toe through what I’m willing to disclose. If I vent a frustration, there’s a chance that the person to whom I’m speaking will see it as a weakness and try to use it as a way in between Hubby & I. If I gush too much about the many good things going in our lives, there’s a chance that the other person will become jealous and go from there. I feel awkward talking to most women because (unless I know them well already or know that they’re just as happily married as I am), I’m worried about Hubby looking like greener grass to them. I feel awkward talking to guys since many guys, sadly, only consider a woman worthy of their time if they feel there’s a chance that they’ll end up in bed with her. (Fairly, women can be this way, too, and hubby recently had a run-in at work with one such woman; she was nice to him and always said hello to him…right up until she heard that he was engaged. Now she’s frosty.)

I just…don’t want another bad situation. I’m exhausted by them. I’m even exhausted at the thought of trying to navigate this minefield of social relationships. Then I feel paranoid on top of it all… Surely not everyone has nothing better to do with their days than to sit around and dream up what sort of drama they could cause for other people? Does this happen to everyone or have I just had a particularly ugly run of bad luck that I need to get over and get back out there?

(Another side note: I guess, on some level, it doesn’t really matter because I’m pretty secure in my relationship; neither of us are going anywhere. It’s just that the energy of making a new friend, growing the friendship, and then finding out that they’re into licking windows…it’s exhausting.)

I’ve Started to Blog Several Times Over…

…and keep getting distracted. Or deciding that my meaning gets lost and it starts to sound like I’m complaining along the way in my life and relationship observations. *sigh*

The truth is…

…Hubby has never been perfect and never will be; he’s human. But the last five weeks have been amazing. We’ve worked together in a way that we just weren’t before and being removed from a lot of the crap in Florida helped. It isn’t ‘running’ from our problems, but just knowing when to cut bait and move on. Something about the heat seemed to make all the bad worse and there’s was nothing to be done with the Florida job market. When a job that’s more demanding pays 25% LESS in Florida, what do you do with that?

…the job isn’t perfect either. Apparently, Hubby learned yesterday that the guys have been working 6-day work weeks for the last FIVE years. *head desk* We’re both less than thrilled about that, but for the foreseeable future? It offers Hubby a chance to learn new things and get experience in the field. The extended work week gives him the chance to earn more money and allow us to pay off his debt from the past. It’s also harder to spend money when you’re working 6 days a week; which goes back to paying off his debt faster. So…the pros out weigh the cons.


…I’m nearing a cross-roads with school and such. However, I think I know where I’m going once I actually get there. I’m doing another, full-time, online semester with the school in Florida…and then I’m thinking about taking a semester or two…or maybe three off. Hubby and I are in agreement that we’re going to start trying to conceive again. If we can on our first real attempt, that would put us due some time around my birthday next year. Which would also be just before finals for spring semester… It might be the best time for me to take a break. I also want to spend time with our baby and Princess. More than a year ago, Princess spent sometime with her paternal grandmother and learned a lot of the habits behind why she’s called “Princess.” It definitely underlined the impact of other people spending more time with your children than you do, even for just a few months. Maybe it would different in daycare setting; where the caretakers wouldn’t be relatives and would have more than one child in their care, but just the same…now I’m a bit paranoid. Meanwhile, it seems like Hubby values my contribution to the household with me at home. While he’s working such long hours, it’s just nice when he comes home and doesn’t really “have” to do anything and the house isn’t a total disaster area. I’d like to say that that wouldn’t change if I worked outside of the house, but at this point in life, I know better. I think the better idea is to take a few semesters off, finish what I can online, and see what the future holds; finishing my degree before or just after our kid(s) start kindergarten and then moving on from there. I feel good about that and like I have a plan for the first time in a long time.

…Princess is learning to earn things. Her first “big” thing is a bike. She needs EIGHTY stickers to get her there. She earns them by doing things around the house and remembering to ask for things politely. It’s a process that we’re still fine-tuning, but hopefully she gets the idea before she walks into kindergarten in August and starts demanding things from her teacher and throwing tantrums when she doesn’t get her way. I did let her get a hamster today. It was less expensive/demanding than the cat she’s been asking for and since her mouse passed away before we moved, it was about time.


…everything is pretty darned good. Hubby and I regularly remark on how much we like it in our new home state and how glad we are that we moved. We’re content and I don’t know that I’ve ever been happier, all around.

Random Rant: Why Having a Child Doesn’t Make You the King of Anything.


This image was posted on Facebook a few days ago with a caption about how it was, apparently, relating to a screaming baby (not an overzealous woman). The amount of people that replied to it with things like, “Babies cry! Get over it or stay home!” astounded me, but even that was dwarfed by the number of people lamenting the times when someone has moved away from them in a restaurant or on a plane because of their kid. Sorry not sorry, but…HEAD DESK!

Sure, sometimes things happen that are outside of our control. Funerals, ear infections/illnesses while traveling, having to travel to a specialty hospital for diagnostics or treatment, sensory issues, etc.. BUT here’s the thing about some of those situations; most of us know our kids well enough to know how they typically behave (whether or not they’re loud) or have at least some idea before we arrive at the hotel that things aren’t as they should be with a child that is quiet under normal circumstances. Maaaaybe you should ask for a room as far away from other guests as possible?

No, clearly not! You should leave the default box for your online reservation set to “1 Adult” and not say anything at check in, because you pushed a child out of your vagina or you got someone pregnant and everyone else should have to hear them scream. F-U if you don’t like it! Seriously…what?! Since when does the rest of the world have to suffer with you? Why are you entitled to that?? Why are other people “a–holes” when they don’t want to spend their night listening to a child scream and make the effort to move away from your screaming child?

There was a lot of, “Oh, you don’t know what the parents were dealing with…” in there, too. Yeah…and you don’t know what your hotel neighbor might be dealing with. Funeral calls often come at the butt-crack of dawn and involve immediately getting up and on the first flight; I watched Hubby’s mother do it when her sister passed away on Easter morning. If the hotel is near a children’s hospital, your neighbor may very well also have a sick child who needs sleep. Or maybe they’re just trying to enjoy a family vacation and they’ve finally managed to get their child to calm down for the night when yours starts wailing. You just. don’t. know. and the world doesn’t revolve around you and your kid. But people are acting like you’ve asked them to peel their baby’s flesh and dip it in salt when other people say that they should request to be put in a room as far away from others as possible or – gasp – not travel with difficult infants when it isn’t strictly necessary.

I say that last part from a place of knowing that it may very well be relevant in my future, too. Megan is older and fairly well behaved in hotel rooms; as we discovered a few weeks ago. She was also world’s best baby. However, Sean and I are trying to start our family together now and there’s no telling what any potential future children will be like. We also hope to travel and see his parents at least once a year; which, while we can stay with them once we get to Florida, I really don’t want to make that drive straight through again. I know very well though that we may just have to put off some traveling adventures until the kids are older, that we might just be best off taking shifts rather than staying at a hotel on a future trip to Florida, and that I should definitely ask for a room away from the rest of the population if I’m staying at a hotel with an infant; well behaved or colicky. Those are the prices that I pay for having kids and I consider them to be very small prices to pay in the big picture. I certainly don’t expect others to pay the prices for me by having to change rooms at 12am!

I would feel like a jerk if I woke someone that was already sleep deprived from emergency travel, who needed to be up for work the next day or someone else’s kids (sick or not). When kids are awoken or kept away, it messes up the next 24 hours+ as the parents have to suffer the moodiness of an overly tired child and then try to get the child’s sleep schedule back on track the next night. I don’t feel like I’m entitled to anything special just because I have kids. Is that really a hard concept to grasp? People don’t want such aggressive notes left on their doors and for people to give certain courtesies, but they won’t do it for others. WTF??


I see more than my fair share of this face from my own daughter in situations outside of hotel rooms, so I do “get” it. But that picture was snapped mid-step on our way OUT of the gardens in Florida. Princess had stepped in front of us in an effort to halt our brisk exit; she didn’t want to leave — that meant that she definitely wouldn’t be getting whatever it was that she wanted right that moment! It didn’t work; she didn’t get her way and we left. Which brings us to…

Another mother had the “nerve” to suggest that people should remove their children from certain situations whenever possible. She was repeatedly flamed. >.< Okay, so you can't take your kid off of a plane in mid-flight or call a planned vacation short in many situations (at least not without huge monetary costs), but you can take your child outside for a moment if they're misbehaving in a restaurant or even for a car ride from a hotel room. Guess how I know this?? I've done it! I've even picked Megan up off of the floor of a – very casual dining – restaurant and fireman-carried her, kicking and screaming (I believe there was even a temporarily lost shoe in the mayhem), outside on one particularly bad day not so long ago. I didn't care if they sold $5 sandwiches and the patrons were largely construction workers that probably preferred her to the sound of a jackhammer they were about to return to. I think some people would be shocked at how quickly kids can calm down without a audience for their meltdown and nobody else should have to suffer through MY kid's tantrum, period.

And let's just say that it IS a sensory issue (I know they exist and I'm sympathetic, but hot damn…EVERY OTHER PERSON on that thread seemed to have a kid with a sensory issue! What are the odds?). We'll also forget about everyone else trying to enjoy their dinner at Red Lobster, too, for the sake of this argument. WHY would you keep your child in a situation that has exceeded their limits and overwhelmed them?? I understand putting kids in new situations so that they learn how to act in those situations too, but at some point…have mercy on the kid (if not the people around you) and try again another day!

Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems like the people that have this idea that they're entitled to inflict their children upon those around them also tend to be the same people that sit there flipping through their phones/tablets/magazines, oblivious and uncaring, while their kid/s scream and run around like crazed Oompa Loompas in public. But, oh my! The rebellion at people asking that others have some common sense and common courtesy by letting hotels know that you're traveling with a small child and asking for a room that is as isolated as possible! The horror!! Thus why I've joined Hubby in being anti-social most of the time. /rant

Love/Hate: The Internet.

Oh, internet. How I love thee! You’ve been a security blanket that kept me closely connected with my friends during the most isolating, terrible times in my life. You’ve entertained me to what surely amounts to MONTHS of time spent playing Farmville and Candy Crush. You connected me with my wonderful Hubby; a feat that I don’t think would have happened without you, given how anti-social we both can be. You brought me together with my sister; something that surely wouldn’t have happened otherwise, given the literal distance. You’ve gave me an outlet when I worked in retail; butt-hurt though what’s-her-face may have been about her questionable hygiene practices being posted on the internet, I think even she would agree that it was better than me calling her out on them in the middle of the store, yeah? You’ve expanded my vocabulary to words not found in the dictionary and helped me to complete at least half of my credit hours for school that I wouldn’t have been able to do in person. I’m forever grateful for all of those things.


Every few months it seems like drama finds a way to creep in. It hasn’t 100% been through you, dear internet, but…98% of it? Has. It isn’t your fault; you didn’t make them crazy or give them nasty/entitled dispositions. Those things are on them. But when they’re using you to get to me…it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I’ve struggled with this for at least the last 6 months, though it’s been going on for longer than that.

Hubby and I weren’t even dating a month, I don’t think, the first time that someone that I only loosely knew hit on him online. Not because she had some genuine interest in him, but because she was looking to cause trouble. Ultimately, she found it…every mutual friend we had stopped speaking to her. It was a sleezy thing to do and nobody else in our circle wanted to be subjected to her drama-stirring. (Little known fact? You can hit on just about anyone and get at least a polite response from them.)

A year and a half ago, some crazy bimbo tried to break up our relationship again. It started with some in-person crazy-making, but graduated to the internet when I was no longer within her physical reach. Looking back, its interesting to think of the clearly drawn out crazy; her messages started with wanting to be friendly on the surface and then went to “friendly” fire of, “I’m so sorry I didn’t realize that you two were dating!” (which was BS), and, later, instead of letting things go, there was an edited version of our last conversation presented to Hubby in an attempt to “prove” she didn’t do anything “wrong.” Something that would have never been possible without the internet! *head desk*

At the start of this year a stranger crept into my life (as well as the lives of several friends). My friends smelt the cray-cray before I did. Okay; so I caught a whiff…but I wanted to believe that it was non-threatening/not a poisonous gas. That it was based in insecurity and not a love of window-licking. It turned out to be an extreme version of crazy that went even deeper than even my friends had imagined and it made Hubby feel not-so-great in the process. I still feel a little bad for not seeing it right away some 6 months later.

Literal weeks after that, one of Hubby’s [now-former] friends flipped crazy on me; to the point of accusing me (over an exchange that was less than ten words on my part, no less) of being the #1 enemy of the entire human race. *head desk* He’d been making digs against me to Hubby – which went over Hubby’s head; not unlike the aforementioned crazy in January went over mine – for a while at that point and, I guess, he decided that the moment was ripe to try to strike out and do some damage to a relationship that he perceived as weak. In the end, he ended up just embarrassing himself.

The past couple of days have seen my inbox under attack again. This time being, possibly, the most head-desk worthy. The basis of the attack: Hubby’s past. Ironically, her past is far worse (in my book at least…I guess other people might feel differently about it, based upon unrelated conversations on the subject that I’ve had previously, but still…pot and kettle are both black and that’s something that everyone could agree on, mmmmkay?). It also runs with a theme that I’ve seen online a lot over the more recent years; people will say crap online that they would never say to your face. If she weren’t 1400 miles away, she wouldn’t be saying these things. She wouldn’t even have the nerve to make eye-contact with me in Wal-Mart. It astounds me.

But it also makes me ask some hard questions… I’ve never been put through the wringer like this with any other relationship. Sure, my ex, M, had family that used it as a tool to try to leech into our lives, but that was pretty mild compared to the last two years. What’s changed? Well, people are spending a ton of their time online. There is research about the addictive properties of the internet and study after study being done about “selfies” and the impact that social media can have on our closest relationships. [Link: which includes several more links to other research in the 5th and 6th paragraphs and that's not even scratching the surface.] People are spending their lives online.

Stop. Take a breath. Let that sink in. People. are. spending. their. lives. online.

No, the irony that I’m online right now has not been lost on me, but I’m also pretty selective (not perfect, by any means though) about what I allow myself to spend my time doing online. i.e. School work? Worthy cause. Debating about parenting approaches? Let someone else have that circus and its monkeys. (People don’t usually sit down in front of a keyboard to consider the ideas of others so much as they do it to ‘hear’ their own voices.) I’m not being unrealistic – or even potentially hurtful in this day and age – enough to say that I am going to or that anyone should unplug their computer and walk away altogether. Just…think about it. Consider setting limits. Remember that life exists outside of this screen. And, well, that people on the other side of screens are still people.

Even before deciding to write this and the latest round of just plain ugliness, I’ve been trying to be off of my computer by a certain time/before Hubby comes home. If I am on the computer (or my phone) after that time, it has to be for something that I do deem “important.” (Again: school work/related. Or making IRL plans to do something next week. Etc..) But, overall, I’d much rather be spending that time with Hubby than scrolling through FaceBook.

The Nest is Complete!

Hubby and I have referred to everything done in this move-in as “nesting.” We’ve never had a nest that was all our own before, so that’s what it has been for us. It took us a week and a half, but as of this afternoon…


…with this curtain rod, our nest is complete! :-) Things are (for the most part) put away and running smoothly. :-) It’s been a great first week and a half and it seems to only be getting better! We’ve established some good routines and had some fun. We’ve explored the trail by our new home and set up a nice patio; which Princess cannot wait to plant the pumpkin and carrot seeds she picked out today on. It’s really been all that we had hoped it would be for us and more. 


[A snap shot of Princess' room a few days ago; before her spiffy new curtain went up.]

In spite of what it looks like there, Princess has actually been pretty good about keeping her room clean and her bed made. I’ve been so much less depressed that staying on top of household stuff has been fairly easy. Hubby seems to be okay with working long hours and his commute because it’s less stressful to come home now. Things just…fit.


[The first diner at our bird feeder!]

I feel like maybe it shouldn’t have taken moving 800 miles away to get to this point, but I’m certainly not going to look a gift horse in the mouth! I’m glad we’re here and I’m glad that we’ve found our happy!


[Hubby's prized entertainment center.]

There are still a few minor things that need tweaking; I’m having a lot of problems trying to get time to myself to do school work and get into a work out routine with Megan around. However, Hubby may be going to third shift in a few weeks, which might open up some early morning running time for me and, if all else fails, Megan will be starting Kindergarten in the fall so there’s that. But right now I have a game of ‘Chutes & Ladders’ waiting for me! 

Happy Sunday! :-)

No News is Good News…

I’ve had internet at the new place for three days now and haven’t stopped by yet because…it’s harder to blog when everything is great!

We got to our new home city in the wee hours of last week Wednesday morning. A handful of hours later we were walking through and getting the keys to our new apartment. We unloaded the truck that same day and spent Thursday through last Sunday getting things set up; furniture put together and walls painted, things put away.

Monday Hubby started his new job. He likes it. They’ve fired a guy already…for having a [pretty bad] attitude. Everyone keeps remarking on the drive, but…maybe that’s just the area? Forty-five minutes to an hour never seemed to be a big deal in Orlando. Here everyone is like, “OMG! THE DRIIIIIVE!!” Considering there isn’t much in the town in which Hubby’s new job is and the college campus is here, I’m a bit surprised that more people aren’t more open to the idea, but I guess if they were then maybe we wouldn’t have had this opportunity. *shrug* The only person that has to be okay with it is Hubby though, and it almost seems to benefit him to have the mental down time between work and home. 

Tuesday the cable and internet were turned on. Wednesday the washer and dryer were delivered. I’ve settled into a comfortable routine that I haven’t had in…probably a good five years or more. It’s sort of funny how easy it is to forget how much simple things, like routine, help to make everything better.

I think it also helps that it’s not blisteringly hot outside here either. The numbers themselves are similar to the numbers in Florida, but it isn’t humid. More often than not, it’s a tish overcast and last night we had our first thunderstorm. Maybe it was because it happened in the dead of night, but it seemed so much more…I don’t know…authentic? than the ones in Florida. There was more thunder and lightning and…it was just…a storm. Florida seems like it just rains and rains some more. If there’s such a thing as “passionless rain,” then Florida rain is it. 

I talked to a friend on the phone last night while making dinner. We met last year and she’d seen, well, the worst of the worst in my more recent history and had seen it in a way that few did; first hand. She mentioned that she’d never seen me post so many photos [to FaceBook]. It’s true; the amount of photos that I take and post are a good indication of how my life is going. There have been multiple photos posted each day since we got here. I’m content and happy. 

I’m glad we’re here. Things are good. This feels like home.