Quarterly Update…


Yup; that’s our big news.

We’re 16 weeks as of tomorrow.

Little one is squirmy lately.

We won’t know gender until closer to the end of this month.

Princess joined Girl Scouts – “Daisies.”

I’m up to my butt in cookies, but she has had a blast with it so far.

They’re doing a horse thing at the end of this month where the girls get to spend sometime grooming and riding on horses.

Her dad has been working on setting up her bedroom in Florida since she’ll be going down to spend a week or two with him while we have the baby.

She is excited to see him again and get to spend some time with him.

She and I ordered her bedding set for there online this weekend and it should be there this week.

Hubby has started the process of looking for a new job.

This one has served a purpose, but if he’s putting off his schooling for the time being, his job really needs to do more for him than just “serve a purpose.”

The company went through a buy-out at the end of last year and we had hoped that things would improve, but that hasn’t really been the case, so it’s time to explore some other options.

None of us are opposed to a change in venue either.

We had all wanted some place that was “not Florida.”

We got that, but seeing as how none of us had really lived anywhere else, I don’t think we found the best fit for us right out of the gate.

The odds were not in our favor and I kinda doubt that the other option we had last year would have been much better.

This first adventure wasn’t a total loss and that’s important to note, but we feel it’s also important to know when to move on too.

I’m okay, in general.

It’s been a bit of a bumpy ride.

When we first conceived, my migraines came back with a vengeance.

Then I was on a medication that upset my stomach.

Then I started a medication that caused a constant, not-migraine-but-just-enough-to-be-annoying headache.

My body seems to have adjusted now and the last week hasn’t been so bad.

School is a bit grueling; part-time classes, but they’re also half semester classes so they’re more work for the short term.

Being pregnant again was a bit scary after miscarrying last year, but as time has gone on, that’s gotten better.

Of course, I’m not even dealing with 1/20 of the stress that I was last year either.

We’re all really happy and excited.

(Okay, Princess is only excited if it’s a girl…lol.)

That’s us in a nutshell!


Last July/August a friendship soured. It accumulated in more drama than was necessary. At some point, a mutual friend made mention of the fact the fact that the Drama King made a status on Facebook basically acknowledging that he did things that day that he shouldn’t have. It wasn’t an apology to me; we had severed ties by that point and I’m not the type to go lurking around people’s Facebook pages once we’re not friends anymore. It was all face-saving to other friends.

More recently, my sister had to *tell* her mother specifically what she needed an apology for after one particularly psychotic episode via text message.  It was via text, so there wasn’t even a, “You know…I had too much to drink and I can’t remember what I said last night…help me out?” element to it. I still don’t know that L has gotten the apology that she needs and deserves. :-(

Also in the last few weeks, Little Girl’s dad mentioned that he received a birthday card from his mother – whom had a serious psychotic episode of her own from November 2013 through February 2014. They haven’t spoken since and she wasn’t updated with my ex’s new home address nor our home address. She had to resort to obtaining the P.O. Box address through forwarded mail. Aside from noting how she came into the P.O. Box on the envelope, he said everything else in the birthday card was exactly as it would have been two years ago; before the bat guano hit the proverbial fan. Not even a cheap, generic apology.

This all has had me thinking about apologies and the how far the general state of society has deteriorated when people feel like they can do whatever they want to others and then just act as though nothing ever happened. I know, a year ago, my egg donor failed to see how far an apology would have gone with me. No, I was done dealing with her crap and would have wanted her out of my life by that point regardless of apology/ies, but if she would have just said, “You know what? I’m sorry. I should have respected you and listened to you almost a decade ago. I shouldn’t have pushed you to do things that you knew weren’t right for you. I should have let you do what you needed to for yourself. I shouldn’t have roped you into my housing drama. You’ve been an adult since long before your 18th birthday and I failed to treat you that way. I really am sorry.”? I would have given her everything she wanted and sent her on her merry way with just the simple request that she stay away from me and forget my very existence.

I wonder how many similar things could have ended better in the world if only someone would have had the decency to say, “I’m sorry.” without the other party having to beg for it.

Only a Matter of Time/Tired

I have a rare moment of feeling like I can hold my head up without the support of the couch pillows and I don’t have anything too pressing to do for school so I may as well write this out because, well, it’s only a matter of time before someone comments on my growing absence from social media, which seems to be sticking this time.

In the last 3-4 months, I’ve cycled through a few relationships. I don’t honestly know how to feel about this in some respects, but it’s taking its toll. I noticed a while ago that two other dear friends took several steps back from the online world; be it because of relationships or school and work. More recently another dear friend seems to have taken several steps back away from everyone, probably more for reasons of her own health, but steps back none the less. But since, at the end of the day, the only person that I can really speak for is myself, let me do that…

(1) I’m tired. All the time. Tomorrow begins the first of three doctor’s appointments to, hopefully, change that. I don’t know where that path will take me, but it’s time to go down it.

(2) Because of the last 3-4 months (online and off, to be perfectly clear and honest), I’ve felt the “disconnect” with people in general. When it feels like all friendship attempts are turning out the same way, it’s difficult to impossible to maintain a level of “give a shit.” At the very least, I need a break. Worst case scenario, I need to figure out how to stand alone in this world and not depend upon anyone else in the slightest. (If people choose to stand around me, cool. But I can’t depend upon anyone’s company to keep me standing upright, is my point.)

(3) I feel like I need a break from virtually everything. This kinda holds hands with (1). But I can’t take a break from Princess. I can’t really take a break from school until December. If I don’t cook dinner, we don’t eat. Those things fall into the “death and taxes” realm – things that I, more or less, have to do. Facebook and blogging do not. Guess what’s getting put on the back burner until something gives?

(4) Going back to my last post, specifically about blogging, though it does sort of spill over in to FB and such as well, I recently said this, “My problem with me and my writing came to me in that…I won’t just write about anything. If it’s something that I KNOW there would be (voiced or not) hateful and nasty comments on, I won’t blog it. At least not anymore. So, when I do write now, I wonder what I’m doing it for. “Lookitt how wonderful my life is!” doesn’t feel right to me anymore; especially when not all of it is all of the time. At that point, I feel like I am just seeking validation and attempting to ‘prove’ something to all the people that judge me.” and that still stands as well. I don’t want to do that/to be “that” person that only ever blows sunshine and roses out of her butt hole. I don’t feel like it’s fair to anyone.

I also think that might be the end of me blogging here and maybe forever.

I tired to do the “lock down” thing and that didn’t feel right. I tried to do the “public and ignore the jerks” thing and that isn’t working. Maybe, after 15 years, it’s time to stop writing. Maybe. I’ve decided to give myself to the end of the year to figure it out. I’m not sure that I will be around much between now and then. If I am? Great! If not… You know I’m not dead. (That’s the basis behind this, really.)

That’s all I’ve got today. New ‘Walking Dead’ tonight with hubby and then back to school work and other ‘death & taxes’ items! I hope everyone has a wonderful November, in case I do not, in fact, make it back here! Cheers!

Less & Less

My sister called out another friend who used to blog regularly and has since all but completely ceased writing yesterday. (She did so with love and because, well, we miss the ol’ crow!) It brought to mind the simple fact that I’ve been writing less and less. With the exception of a few rare days here and there (when I’m sure that everyone that follows me is like, “Holy f*** already woman! ONE MORE autumn or cat themed picture and I’m never speaking to you again!!”), I’ve also pulled away quite a bit from social media at large.

I hasn’t been a conscious effort, just something that’s happened. Sometimes I sit down to write, but am quickly silenced by one of three things…

(1) It just doesn’t feel like there’s a whole lot that is “news worthy” going on. My days all sort of look the same: get up, get Princess ready for school and to the bus stop, work on school work, spend some time with Hubby, do some more school work, get Princess a snack when she’s home from school, try to get whatever I can done with Princess telling me the details of her day (and I do mean EVERY detail), make dinner, spend a bit more time with Hubby and then go to bed. Honestly, I’ve found that I have the most to write about when things are going “wrong” in my life. Things have been pretty darned good these last 5 months and even the “hiccups” have been easy to roll with.

(2) I am taking full-time classes this semester and they’re all online. Three out of four are fine, but my math class is a bit more demanding when done online. It’s also the one class that I HAVE to pass this semester in order to keep my happy little financial aid stipend and stay in school. Stay in school or spend the day reading political agendas, watching cat videos and liking George Takei puns all day long, hmm… Yeah, school work wins out.

(3) At some point, I started to feel like much of my personal writing was justifying my actions in life. A friend angrily posted a mother’s blog on a controversial topic and said something to the effect of the author just wanting people to validate her choices. The thought crossed my mind of, “Isn’t that sort of what we’re all doing when we blog?” The older I get, the less I feel like I need approval from those around me though. The truth is, as “judgy” as it might be, I’ve taken a good look at the high-and-mighty people around me and went, “Do I really want to measure my life by their standards?” Nooope. In general, the people that would take the time out of their day to judge me are usually a hot mess themselves, so who cares? On the other hand, I have enough personal experience to know that there are people who will keep tabs on someone just to tear them down and judge them. I’m not interesting in adding to their “entertainment” either.

Some days I feel like just posting, “Yes, I understand that school isn’t for everyone and that student loan debt sucks. Congrats on being the one millionth person to point that out to me! However, I feel passionately about it and it is the right choice for me. Yes, I enjoy nail polish and makeup…just like you enjoy <insert any number of things here>. Get over it and stop acting like I’ve mortgaged my soul for it; I promise I didn’t. And, yes, I know that it’s going to snow and be really, really cold for months on end here. You do realize that Florida was really, really hot and miserable at least 9 months of the year, right? I can layer on clothes and keep warm here – it  isn’t the arctic tundra for crying out loud, but when you peel off the top most 5 layers of skin because the car seats have seared it to themselves? It doesn’t get any damned cooler without those top layers of skin, okay?!”

I’m not really that angry about it. But sometimes I just get exhausted by it all when I feel like I’m hearing the same 3 or 4 things again and again. It’s made me pull away quite a bit all on it’s own.

Will it change? Will I write more again? One day? Soon? Or will I fade away like my friend? I…don’t know. I guess I’d like to get back to having more of an online presence and there are things I’d like to do in the way of blogging, social media in general, pictures and even videos. I just…don’t know when I’ll have the time. Every autumn I write a schedule and by the end of September it’s thrown out because it just doesn’t happen. I’m still working on many aspects of my life and finding what works best for me. I need to figure out whatever is going on with my body and fund my energy again. The list goes on, but the short answer is this: I don’t know, but it probably isn’t going to happen none too soon. That’s…all I’ve got for today…while I sit on hold for 20+ minutes with my insurance company. Exciting life, no?

Happy Halloween!

I remember being four or five years old and ‘trick or treating’ my grandparents’ neighborhood. The houses were close together and the people were friendly. One couple had a Welsh Corgi named “Heyu.” Most people had their doors open, with just their screen doors standing between the scattered herds of children and their living rooms, lit up with “Wheel of Fortune” on their TV screens. It isn’t one of those magical “Christmas” type memories, but a warm and fuzzy “homey” type feeling. One of very, very few that I have from childhood.


Last night I stayed up carving pumpkins. I’d put it off, not wanting them to rot, and then gotten hit with a bunch of school stuff all at the same time. There’s a loosely drawn out plan to trick or treat and then make cookies (because the candy alone isn’t enough sugar!) tonight. I’m going to make crescent roll hot dogs and mac and cheese for dinner; Halloween is traditionally a “junk food for dinner” holiday for us. It’s about the only way that I’ve found to get Princess to sit and eat dinner of any sort before going out for candy.

My thoughts on the subject are fairly disjointed at the moment; I wasn’t ready to get up this morning and then Hubby’s car died out and I had to meet him at the Ford dealership a few towns over so that he could come home and sleep while they figured it out — it was an engine issue that was part of a recall, so it’s all handled and his car will be waiting for us to pick it up tomorrow morning. It wasn’t “bad,” though the whole thing wore me out and when I really wasn’t “catching on fire” in the first place. But the main idea was that hope that this day (and each Halloween here after) leaves Megan with that same sort of warm fuzzy feeling of home, too.


I’m off to pick up butter for cookies; something that I totally spaced on when I was in a grocery store this morning and then re-do Princess Anna’s makeup for her trick or treating spree. I hope everyone has a great night. <3

Open Letters

Dear Kittens,

You ate the fish?! I really don’t know whether to be angry with you or impressed – seriously, do you know how much time and effort it took me to catch him from that bowl at cleaning time?? Fat Kitten spent the last 5 months drinking from that bowl in perfect harmony with the fish (not by our encouragement; Hubby even bought them a filtering-flowing water dish in hopes of giving FK a better refreshment option; no dice) and then yesterday one of you decided that today was the day that the fish would go? WTH?? Ugh.

The chick that fills your food dish.

(He will be missed, but probably not replaced. We another, different type of aquarium and another betta fish. Hubby wants a large, salt water aquarium one day. And, frankly, it frees up the living room to be changed up a little for Christmas/putting up a tree.)

Dear Dog,

You may soon find yourself going back to the world of dog food. I’m not sure why you’ve decided in the last two days that you need to supplement your chicken diet with cat food and now items stolen from the cat box, but if that’s what happening and I’m making you two meals a day? It might just be time to return to kibble and Benadryl. (Which seems to be the only thing that works regardless of his diet. *frustrated sigh*)

The chick that cuts up your chicken.

Dear Hubby.

If you’re up early today and reading this, please pick something and clean it. I really don’t care what it is, but the house never fully recovered from last weekend and I’m feeling overwhelmed. I’m going to start picking at the living areas when I’m done with my coffee, but seriously…any tiny bit of help would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Dear Princess,

Please clean your room. Honestly, I’ve spent the last six days asking you to do just that. You’re of the age and ability where this should not be a six day affair. I would like to clean your carpet and hamster cage, but I’m not up for walking on a trail of Barbie bodies to do so…


Dear Shared-Wall Neighbors,

It is taking every fiber of my being not to walk over there, pound on your door, force my way in, and put you both in time-out. You two are both adults that appear to at least Hubby & I’s ages, if not slightly older. You have at least one small child together. However, you do realize that that doesn’t automatically mean that you must live together, right?? The door seals are a little wonky, so I would understand if I were hearing you in the hallway. but the walls aren’t thin. I should never be able to hear you in my kitchen. Figure. yo. shizz. out.

Thank you,
The chick with the blue hair and yappy dog.

Dear Me,

With the exception of “The War of the Roses II” being staged next door, these are all relatively normal and almost “good” problems to have. Never forget the blissful moment from the other night when it really hit us: “I don’t have to deal with anyone else’s crazy shit. Really!” I spent the first 29+ years of my life dealing with my biological mother’s crazy bullshit. (There’s really no nicer way of putting it.) I spent the last five years also putting up with a crazy jerk’s bullshit and as much bullshit as he could incite from two children; effectively making them monsters in the process. For the last five months+, I haven’t had to put up with anyone’s shit.

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate that? I. haven’t. had. to. deal. with. anyone’s. crazy. over-the-top. bullshit. *breathes deeply*

I’ve had to adapt to this life because…it is seriously all I knew before. Constant stress and a feeling of obligation to put up with someone’s crap. (There were others in between, too. Room mates along the way, the ex known as ‘M’ and his family, Princess’ paternal grandmother after Princess was born – oddly, we were friends before that!, etc..) The things that I deal with now are pretty typical “life” things.

This randomly reminds me that I read this a while ago and have been meaning to do my own version. … Soon. For now , it’s time to get some things done. :-)

Falling Into Place…

I don’t think I’ve said this here. I haven’t said it very often or perhaps to anyone except my husband and sister because the thought was scary… This semester was ‘make or break’ for me. My grades started to waiver summer of 2013. There was a lot going on and a lot of things changing. That continued and my grades were a little worse during the fall of 2013. I passed all of my classes, with a very heavy course load, but one of them was a “barely.” I don’t know how I fumbled my way through spring of 2014. I failed both classes that I took over this summer. It was all just too much.

I honestly wasn’t even sure if I was doing the right thing enrolling in classes for this semester. I was afraid to the core of my being that this would just be a continuation of last semester. That I would struggle and, ultimately, fail again. Failing or dropping my Algebra class again this semester would mean that I lose financial aid until I successfully complete the course. No pressure or anything… I decided to do it anyway…nothing ventured, nothing gained. And I wasn’t completely out of the running yet, so…why not run with it as far as I could?

I didn’t get off to the best start. I struggled to just keep up with deadlines and do the bare minimum. Presently though, I have two A’s and two B’s. I’m now starting to get not just “caught up” with my work, but actually ahead in the two classes that it’s possible to work a little bit ahead in. Tonight I checked my grades in my Humanities class. Not only do I still have a strong A, but my last paper has been graded and a comment left on it by my professor…

April, really nice job with everything here.  Your MLA formatting was fantastic, you obviously proofread very well.  Your citations are nicely marked and you really did a great job laying out your thesis in the opening paragraph.  I loved how you analyzed the works of both Picaso and Matisse and made a personal connection too.   This is just a very well thought out argument and your execution in writing is just as great.  Good attention to detail. Really great job!

I nearly cried. I’m doing it. I’m doing my best. I’m doing what I need to in order to complete my degree and fully move on with life past the hell that was Florida. It feels incredibly good and I’m glad I’m here. I needed this.

Just Tired…

Yesterday was spent getting Hubby’s car in order; new tires and new wiper blades. And washer fluid that isn’t blue because apparently the blue stuff freezes and cracks the reservoir. O.o Not cool.

Today we made the requisite DMV runs that we should have made a while ago, but at first we were waiting until I could update my name at the same time and then there always seemed to be something else that needed to be done instead. Whatever; it all got taken care of today and I refuse to feel “bad” about it. It didn’t hurt anything or anyone.

I think all the major things that need to be done have been and I’m just looking forward to a quiet weekend at home. Especially since Princess’ dad will be visiting the following weekend.

Our insurance cards came in this last week, but then all this other stuff needed to be done, so…I’m hoping to have an appointment or two set up tomorrow or next week at the absolute latest. I’m just tired. All the time. After the pumpkin patch on Sunday I ended up sleeping something like 14 hours total Sunday night into Monday. And then I did some mild cleaning Monday evening and passed out cold after 30 minutes. And that’s how it’s been; I either don’t have the energy to do anything or I’m just dead afterwards. My biggest fear is that I’m going to get a doctor that’s just like, “Oh, take some B-12 and you’ll be fine!” No, I’m sorry. A few hours at a pumpkin patch should not translate into two days’ worth of sleep and B-12 isn’t going to fix that. *sigh* I won’t know until I go though.

I feel like I’m whining and that’s not why I sat down here… I just wanted to wave a quick, “I’m alive!” before I crawled back into bed and died for the night. Which is what I’m going to do now… *waves*

Life Events & Other Randomness…

Saturday was less than I had planned; Hubby was going to stay up (his idea) and we were going to go to the pumpkin patch. Yeah, hubby came home and horked/”protein spilled” and the pumpkin patch had been hit hard with the Thursday/Friday rains so they were closed due to their parking lot being one huge mud slide. Well…okay, then! Princess and I went clothes shopping for her while Hubby died in bed for a while.

She was fairly decently behaved, save a minor melt-down at the end of Target because she wanted a $20 necklace. Uhm, no. Not with her track record with jewelry. I offered her two other necklaces (with a combined total of $6) and if she could take care of them until her birthday, I would make sure the $20 owl necklace was wrapped and in her birthday present pile. But I chalked that up to it being lunch time and we cashed out our chips for the day and headed home; with everything she needs til spring! AND $7 under budget – including a new doll and some Halloween decorations/a pumpkin carving kit that were picked up along the way.


Necklace update: this afternoon – not 24 hours after the two cheaper necklaces were purchased – Princess brought them up again in the context of, “Would you be mad if I lost of one of my new necklaces?” No, honestly, I anticipated it and this is why you didn’t get the $20 one. “Well, I threw it up in the air so high I don’t know where it landed…” -.- I’m expecting a surprise in the spring when we turn on the ceiling fan again…

We came home, decorated a bit, and then she played with her new doll while I blasted out some coursework. Hubby eventually started feeling better. It wasn’t what we’d planned, but it worked.

Today (Sunday), we all got up relatively early and the pumpkin patch had re-opened!


We’ve found a new family tradition! It was a lot of fun and just…a really good day. (Save the mud, which left us unable to do the corn mazes.) I may run over just for the coffee shop next weekend!


We came home with two carving pumpkins, four smaller ones for these vampire pumpkins, and the two tiny orange ones just because Princess wanted them and they were 2/$1; I may attempt to make “bats” out of them, as per the vampire link. We also ran a couple of quick errands to the pet and craft store. Hubby didn’t get as much sleep as he would have liked before having to go to work tonight, but that wasn’t so much because we went out as it was just daytime stuff preventing him from drifting off.

So, I played around with my FB settings and found that you can create your own “life events.” These events linger on your page in more visual way than just regular posts. I created one for our amazing weekend. After photo and video spamming my Instagram and Facebook accounts because I’d left the big camera home today, I’m sure at least half of the people on my “friends” and “following” list want to have “protein spills” of their own, but…I don’t care. It feels amazing to finally be having good days again! I’m going to scream it from the roof tops!

I have a lot of stuff to do this week for my courses and, of course, two days of not doing much in the way of housework because I’ve been so busy makes it look like a tornado picked up the contents of a trailer park and dropped it all in the living areas of our apartment. But it was a great weekend and totally worth it!

This next week is going to be busy, but I have several exciting things to do too; a new cookie recipe and a crafting project! The weather is going to be beautiful, too. It just feels like it’s going to be another good week!

Facebook Friends; My Version.

A friend wrote a post by the same title, which I read today and it inspired this one. I’d link it, but I feel like hers was kinda personal, so if she reads this and wishes to, she totally can in the comments. The gist is that she’s been put in an awkward situation through Facebook and the falling out that happened earlier this year via it. It kinda brought to light an icky feeling that I’ve had the last couple of days or so.

I, too, have had falling outs via Facebook. So much so that I slashed my friends list down to 41 people and limited the posts that I can actually see to a list of far fewer people than that even. The people whose posts I don’t see are simply people that don’t really play a role in my life, but we have mutual friends and friend requests were sent at some point and now it would just be awkward to unfriend them. Like…they didn’t do anything “wrong”; I just have limited time and energy. (I can only ‘like’ so many people’s cat photos in a day, okay?! :-P )

Anyway. Two such falling outs from this year are very similar to my friend’s; what happened wasn’t my fault (in my case, they were someone’s issues coming to roost and I just happened to be standing there when the explosion happened), I moved on, but someone close to me is still “friends” with them. I don’t feel like I have the right to dictate who anyone else is friends with; that’s their choice and the consequence of that choice (i.e. I firmly believe that anyone could become a target of the people who targeted me, so there’s a chance that the mutual friend will one day be hit with the shrapnel from one of their bad days/guilty feelings/etc..) is on them. That’s not really what’s making me feel icky.

What bothers me is that the person that means so much to me sided with me…at least to me. I haven’t exactly lost sleep over worrying about whether or not that was the case; I know that I did the right thing in relation to the falling out. I’m 30 years old…I’m good, you know? Then the last few weeks I’ve made a few more of my Facebook posts public than I normally do. It’s something that I seem to cycle on; I pull away and become a hermit, with everything nailed down and “friends only” when dramatic bullshit happens. Then when things are calm, I open up a bit and sometimes hope to maybe meet some new people; things go public. My friend has been dealing with a lot, so my friend has seemed to pull back from everything a bit. I’ve been doing the same thing while working on some of my lifey-type things. I didn’t take it personally. Until a few nights ago, when said friend mentioned to me that they refrain from commenting on my public posts because they don’t want their other friends to see what they post on other people’s statuses. <.< >.>

(1) We don’t “bash” or even mention the fall-er out-ers; that ship has sailed and I’m honestly past it.
(2) As I’ve gotten older, my more “controversial” posts and shared articles have gotten fewer and farther between. Truly, I mostly post pet photos and nail polish pictures now a days.
(3) My friend’s comments on more closed posts aren’t anything noteworthy or controversial either.

So…I’m kinda…perplexed and left feeling a little like my friend just doesn’t want the fall-er out-ers to know that my friend is still as friendly as they are with me. That then begs the question of, “Why?” and makes me wonder if they didn’t side with me to my face and the other people to their faces. Most people and this wouldn’t even bother me, but this is someone that I’ve been very close with for close to two years now. (Not my husband, but damned close.) I feel like I should be speaking directly to the friend in question about the matter, but…at the same time…how do you go up to someone that you treasure and who has made it clear that loyalty and integrity are a big deal to them and be like, “Soooooo…are you being two-faced? ‘Cause…I kinda don’t know why you would care if someone that doesn’t know me sees that you said my dog is adorable…”

I’m left feeling like my other friend that posted the inspiring blog; am I being petty? I kinda feel like I’m being petty… (Equally, does it really matter if my friend no longer gushes over my dog simply because the photo is set to public?) But something still feels icky and hurts a little. *mutter…shrug…grumble…shrugs some more*

*sigh* I’m off to figure out dinner, clean my kitchen, finish laundry, and knock out school work for the weekend; there are plans to hit the pumpkin patch tomorrow and do some clothes shopping for Princess & Hubby. Maybe I’ll find a coat in the process. I bought some crafting supplies last night and want to pick up a few things I need to actually craft the items kicking around in my head. I’ve been thinking about the potential of asking the in-laws for a gym membership as a joint gift to Hubby & I for Christmas, but first I want to establish some sort of baseline for working out so that I’m not trying to go from “nothing” to “gym rat” overnight, because, well, we know that that fails. In other words: Woooooosh! Hey! Look! Tennis balls everywhere!! :-) I’m still, overall, feeling much better and, even with this, am trying not to over think things or color anything too negatively when it doesn’t need to be. Onward!